Hey, I know you might be wondering what is this I have stumbled upon, just another of those marketing highly optimized blogs that are gonna end up with click this link to purchase something. Maybe you are right or maybe you are totally wrong because just like you am not fit either in fact am fat very fat. I get what you are thinking right now so how is a fat person supposed to help me get myself that dream body if they themselves cannot help their own self. True you are probably right ,because we learn from examples the principle of role modeling. But if you are looking for a role model who has your ideal body, someone you can ape then am not the one. But if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and trained about matters fitness and they too struggle with weight loss then you are in the right place.

I will speak a little bit about myself so that you can get where i am coming from. This is not just a post for me its me putting myself out there because I know there are so many people like me who really need to hear that they are not alone. I am a graduate in sport science ,a wife and a mother of one to my beautiful daughter. I used to be very fit and strong until i became pregnant with my first child and all my fat cell hell broke loose. On the day of delivery I lost a close member of my family and this automatically threw me into depression. To cut the long story short i have struggled with weight ever since and no matter what I do I couldn’t get myself back. So I am getting back into fitness and letting go of my pain to try and make a difference in my life. Lets walk together and let me remind you its not the carbs its the stress ,the hormones are taking a toll on you but don’t worry I am here to help as I also help myself. Feel free to email me and share your weight gain story.

A man driving his fat belly on the wheelbarrow, vector illustration.


Somertyms we worry¬† about where can we exercise?? like do i have to go to the gym or the field to make a few laps!! why get worried when every place can be turned to a working out venue including the bed.Your determination for fitness will simply make you turn any place to a “gym’ .This is the tip…look at your environment and consider some form of calisthenic exercises or simply streches,there in the office,in trains ,using a chair to do some push ups …..its high tym ……go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets thinks!!!!?????

Multi-Functional Step , Fitness Step Equipment,High Quality Multi Functional TrainerDo we need to starve ourselves to get the right and dream body that we need??deeply there is the essence of looking good and feeling good!!! got it? now we need to concentrate on the health which starts with weight management of course and maintain a lifetime fitness.

Get fit and healthy right here!!!!

The secret towards a healthy and fit body is right here with you,no short cuts but this blog will leave you feeling healthy and fit for a life time.For fitness there are many myths going around but here its a matter of creating a caloric balance and balance diet to ensure you look younger and healthier for a life time.C’mon lets get started!!!!1